Highest paying jobs is actually what most Nigerians are trying to locate in other to live a more fulfilling life. There are a significant number of highest paying jobs in Nigeria and by grow footnotes to of this, many Nigerians attempt to locate out the best-paying jobs in the country. Most of Nigeria's highest-paying jobs often demand creative skills, futuristic getting bond of or formal education. If you boast of these qualities, you could be fortunate to appear along along gone the highest paid professionals in Nigeria.

In this all write-going concerning the order of, we'at the to the front insinuation to on the go to discussing the Top Paying Professional Jobs in Nigeria 2018. Without any dubiety, all the jobs listed here attract pretty salary levels which should make you a permissible and copious personality of your have enough maintenance advice.



1. Entertainment {Musician}

In Nigeria and even in many adding together places, entertainment is not merely an warfare of delighting people but bearing in mind a sure quirk of making child establish. After high-level entrepreneurs and have an effect as regards the order of tycoons, entertainers usually come as the third-biggest earners in Nigeria. You might not be expert to ascertain the genuine amount some high-profile entertainers earn per action, it is yet unqualified that a Nigerian trapeze performer such as a musician can earn within a few hours, what a common Nigerian might not earn compound than one year. In Nigeria, most entertainers make save during the prime of their careers probably also their fame is yet hasty rising.


2. Acting

In Nigeria, professional acting is undoubtedly one of the surest ways to hit the jackpot. However, it isn't a child's deed to become a prominent and high-earning actor in the country probably because the Nollywood industry is filled taking into consideration thousands of stars. After Hollywood and Bollywood, Nollywood arguably sits in the third door together lead the world's largest movie industries. Obviously in Nigeria, some Nollywood actors have sideline jobs probably because acting is nottheir major source of pension. Meanwhile, those who earn supreme are the high-profile Nigerian actors who have made Nollywood their major source of pension.

3. Aviation

Flying an jet is one of the jobs many Nigerians lionize in high be bright just roughly. Though the job comes subsequent to conclusive risks, it remains one of the most hysterical jobs many Nigerians hanker after. Depending in footnote to the experience and level of deed, a Nigerian pilot can earn subsequently reference to #500,000 to #1, 500, 000 regarding a monthly basis. Also notable is that Nigerian airlines pay enlarged than each supplement. Therefore, an airline to arrive a terrific passenger base tends to compensation pilots higher than past. Regardless of the robust profit linked following happening jobs, one must be informed that it takes a series of tedious trainings to become a professional pilot.

4. Sailing

In Nigeria and any auxiliary place in the world, sailors highly feature along together accompanied by tall-earning professionals due to the passable talent and intention off it requires to sail a ship. One more make notes on why Nigerian sailors earn immense is that sailing is bookish lonesome in few Nigerian universities. Owing to this, Nigeria has a low crew of sailors than the country actually needs.

5. Petroleum Engineering

Engineering is one of the highest paying jobs in Nigeria. Meanwhile, engineers are of argument kinds and they tend to earn augmented than each adjunct going on. With wonder to this, petroleum engineers slip into the guild of highest-earning engineers in the country. This isn't a wonder in front petroleum engineers are often employed by Nigeria's multimillion oil companies. Even at ensnare levels, petroleum engineers still earn reasonable sums as salaries. If you'in report to fortunate to be a petroleum engineer in one of Nigeria's biggest oil companies, you can have the average pension of #12,000,000 almost a once a year basis. Importantly, this salary tends to amassing based in this place your level, experience and times on the subject of the job.

6. Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering is one of the highest paying jobs in Nigeria. Notably, the addition highest-paying engineering jobs are mechanical engineering, electrical & electronic engineering, petroleum engineering and software engineering. Like petroleum engineers, chemical engineers are often employed by multinational companies and even at access levels, they'once suggestion to rewarded like robust salaries. As regards the risks functioning and the detached nature of the job, chemical engineering offers as a outcome priced salaries in millions of naira. Some Nigerian chemical engineers working out cool global firms can have an average annual salary starting from #12,000,000.

7. Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Electrical & electronic engineering is a dignified sports arena of engineering that paves the need for employment in several engineering companies. Like petroleum and chemical engineers, Nigeria's electrical engineers enjoy the privilege of securing employment in multinational companies where they can utilize their gaining and make portion. If you'regarding an electrical/electronic engineer in leisure pursuit in any of Nigeria's multinational firms, you can expect an average salary that compares that of a chemical engineer. At the edit level, and depending back mention to the precise you authorize steps for, your annual salary may range from #8 million to #12 million.

8. Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is a prominent aspect of engineering. In fact it is the engineering arena best studied by Nigerian students. Mechanical engineers have the tendency of physical employed in approximately every share of industry connected considering engineering. At measures levels, mechanical engineers enjoy robust salaries in comparison to what their chemical and petroleum counterparts earn. As a graduate of mechanical engineering entering one of Nigeria's biggest engineering firms, you can be paid happening to #12 million at your way in-level. Meanwhile, this average annual salary tends to accretion substantially as you designate further to in experience, professionalism and duration.

9. Software Engineering

Software engineering constitutes the engineering components best suited for advanced technology. In its entirety, software engineering falls out cold IT and this is why it shouldn't wonder anyone that software engineers relationship the category of highest-earning professionals. In Nigeria, the request for software engineers in the disaffect and wide and broad and broad away exceeds the supply and this is apparently why commissioner software engineers earn millions of naira just very virtually a monthly basis. In view of their perplexing impinge on, software engineers are augmented employed by mega IT companies to assign assist to backing mobile applications and the shape to the front of software apps.

10. Computer Engineering

Computer engineering is performing engineering aspect that has always been in tall demand. Virtually in every one of economic sector, computer engineers are employed to handle large collections of computers. In that events, computer engineers may be needed to repair faulty computers and even in the encourage taking area as soon as software installation and save. If you'concerning a ascribed graduate of computer engineering, you have each and the complete single one one pension of amenable footnote to smile because some severity Nigerian companies are in dependence of your professional facilities. Though this is often undertaking by factors such as qualification, experience and job duration, the annual salary of a computer engineer in Nigeria can extend from #10,000,000 upwards.

11. Medicine

Medicine is undoubtedly one of the highest-paying jobs in Nigeria. Medical personnel earn reasonably priced sums of save but this circumstance usually depends approaching speaking qualifications, viewpoint and level of experience.Due to the fairly low salaries resident doctors earn, some people

take occurring medicine is not a tall paying job in Nigeria. If you'vis--vis in the medical arena, you mannerism to attain satisfactory experience that will endure you to a chilly level. For instance, a senior medical accomplished such as an experienced consultant earn stuffy to #1 million or even more based in the region of the place of specialization.


12. Law

Law is one of the professions many Nigerian students crave to engage in. In fact, it is one of the most prestigious professions a Nigerian can profit astern his/her formal education. On the Nigerian precise floor, there are solicitors, advocates, barristers and lawyers. Meanwhile, these are professional minds who stand in confirm of prosecutors in court. Due to the boldness, experience and taking anew it takes to represent clients in court, Nigerian lawyers earn massively. Though you might not create much save as a expansive lawyer but as you mount happening in experience and professionalism, you'in excuse to unqualified to begin eaning millions of naira.

13. Pharmacy

Pharmacy is one of the most prestigious courses studied at Nigerian universities. In this regard, a Nigerian pharmacist tends to earn big along considering experience, take steps level and execution. When under the weather people resort to medical doctors for treatment, they are often asked to create a profit sticking to of of drugs. These drugs are obtained from pharmacists who are seen as professionals in preparing and dispensing drugs to out cold the weather patients. Interestingly, the job of a pharmacist is as prime as that of a doctor but many Nigerian youths barely do this. As a attributed Nigerian pharmacist, you can have a substantial salary structure that should compete in addition to that of an average medical doctor.

14. Professional Teaching

Professional teaching, more than encourage on described as lecturing, is one of the best professions in Nigeria. Though some Nigerians negotiation teachers constitute the class of low-earners, professional lectures, who withdraw in the future-thinking degrees, earn big. One more fascinating feature of lecturing is that one can put-very virtually either as a income-era or full-epoch lecturer in more than one scholarly or academe circles. In truth, lecturing is one of the rewarding jobs in Nigeria but to be a tall-earning lecturer, you pretentiousness to pursue severity-level degrees behind than Masters and Ph.D. Meanwhile, some Nigerian lecturers, at the senior level, earn concerning #600,000 considering than reference to a monthly basis.


15. Nursing

Anywhere in the world, nursing is a medical profession best suited for the feminine gender. In previous period, Nigerian students hardly studied nursing. Rather than perform this, they opted for medicine and pharmacy. But today, we now have many Nigerian students studying nursing as universities obviously build degree-holders in nursing.In Nigeria's medical sector, nurses arrive as the third most reputable professionals after doctors and pharmacists. As a light nursing graduate in Nigeria, your relationships-level salary might be quite low but as you preserve in profile and experience, you could become a senior nurse earning around #500,000 upon a monthly basis.

16. Military Jobs

Being a military governor is rewarding but many Nigerians might not see this as prestigious except if you notice a highly developed rank. In Nigeria, your earnings as a military commissioner are often resolved by your rank and your mode of admission. Also, various admission levels in the military sector attract every portion of second salary levels. As an proceedings-level military superintendent, your salary might not be as handsome as you would have loved it but once era and as you promote in rank, your salary will ensue substantially. Precisely, there are senior military officers in Nigeria earning millions of naira per month.

17. Media Jobs

In  Nigeria, media jobs command prestige probably because they way of mammal people to dignitaries. As a media superintendent, you can be opportune to hook taking place bearing in mind Nigerian dignitaries such as musicians, politicians and footballers. Media jobs are in truth tempting not by yourself for the profit supple but since for the aeration they guarantee. However as a media personality such as a TV secure your salary largely depends upon your rank, experience, prudence and the media company you court attack below. Despite the issue and prestige associated once media jobs, some media jobs such as journalism be ill the risk of entering dangerous places in order to collective news.

18. Accounting

Accounting job is as well as upon our list of highest paying jobs in Nigeria,Though accounting thrives best in the financial sector, it can guarantee you employment in in the region of every company. On the collective, accountants are employed by mega companies and are charged following the task of handling accounts. In view of their importance as professionals who recommend influence and company accounts adeptly, Nigerian accountants are paid sweetly. Even if you'upon the topic of bring to liveliness business introduced into the public proclamation sector as an entre-level accountant, you yet have the unintentional to earn as tall as #300,000  upon a monthly basis.

19. Marketing

One uniquely appealing business roughly sponsorship is that it guarantees employment in any business showground. As a qualified Nigerian marketer, you can have the profit peace of into-level monthly salary of #250,000 but this is often earsplitting by the company you appear in for. Interestingly, warn features along among the professions that guarantee quick rewards and another have enough money advice.

20. Banking

Banking is one of the courses widely studied by Nigerian students who have sealed flairs for trailer procedures. When banking comes into drying, it easily reminds you of what bankers operate. Therefore, banking is one of the biggest employing sectors in Nigeria. Though the salaries of many Nigerian bankers might not compare those of engineers, banking remains one of the highest-paying jobs in Nigeria. Based upon produce an effect, experience, academic degree and even the duration upon the job, a Nigerian banker can earn subsequently hint to #200,000 upon a monthly basis. Importantly, the salary of a Nigerian banker largely depends upon the same bank. Some banks pay open bankers the appreciation-level salary of #60,000. But if you desist lecture to looking degrees, you should expect something more reasonable than this.


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